Service Division

Hexagon Marketing Pvt. Ltd is a company, which has been a service provider to GE Countrywide for more than five years.

The company is also Authorised Stockists of Nirma Ltd. And Saurashtra Chemicals Ltd. for industrial chemicals like Soda Ash, Sodium Bi Carbonate,Alfa Oleifin Sulfonates, Glycerine, Industrial Salts and other such chemicals .

This division also handles exports and imports of chemicals and other products . The company has successfully exported to Indonesia, Dubai, Egypt, Russia and other South East Nations. The company also exports Dolomite, Soap Stone,Sand Stone, Marble and Marble Articles.

Trading Division:

The company also does local trading of chemicals through its trading division namely Industrial Chemicals. This division is involved in trading of Soda Ash. AOS, Glycerine and other chemicals.

The company has on it Board of Directors:

1. Shri Prabhu Das Pahuja : An eminent business person and social worker. He has been in the business of Soda Ash ,Caustic Soda ,soaps and detergents since 1960. Besides his business he is known for his social services and his name now has been synonymous for social service.

2. Ruchi Kishore Pahuja (Mrs.) : She has an experience of about seven years of handing the business. She looks after the Services Division of the business and also handles other day to day affairs of the business.

3. Kishore Pahuja : He has been on board as a professional Director. He is a Chartered Accountant and has a vast experience of more than twenty two years in finance, accounts, audits, IT , imports-exports and general management.

With his experience of chemical trading and also of his practice he helps the company board in important decision making and supporting in various activities of both the divisions of the company.


Contact Person : Kishore Pahuja

Address :
303, Doctors’ House, 5-C Seth Ji Ki Badi, 
Udaipur - 313-001, Rajasthan, INDIA
Tel : 91 294 5100762-3
Fax : 91 294 5100761
E-mail :,

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